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Vote for I've Compilation Best Albums Apr. 6th, 2012 @ 02:43 pm
I've Sound needs you to vote for the songs that will be included in their Girls Compilation Best and Short Circuit Best albums, out on June 29th! You only have TODAY THIS MONTH to vote (stupid date arrangements...). Please make your choices here!
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Messages for Shimamiya Eiko Jun. 6th, 2010 @ 06:22 am
(Mods, if this isn't allowed feel free to delete this post)

Shimamiya Eiko announced that she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in early May. Her condition is reportedly not life-threatening but on the recommendation of her doctors, her professional activities have been put on hold. Cancellation of her live concert that was scheduled for June 10 was also announced.

Shimamiya has been giving updates regarding her treatments on her twitter. In a tweet in late May, she revealed that there is a possibility after surgery she will no longer be able to use high pitches.

They're accepting messages for Shimamiya at I've Sound Explorer: Message Form

Japanese, English, Chinese, Spanish, whatever language, I'm sure any message giving her support and wishing her the best will be appreciated :D

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Twitter post informing of diagnosis
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KOTOKO 4th Album! Jul. 31st, 2009 @ 06:45 pm
KOTOKO's new album Epsilon no Hakobune will be released on October 14!

Confirmed tracks include Hayate no Gotoku!, BLAZE and Real Onigokko.

[IRC] I've discussion chan Apr. 18th, 2009 @ 10:00 pm
#ivesound @ irc.synIRC.net

It's mentioned in Aibublog so I figured I should post it here too~

A year less denpathic? Jan. 19th, 2009 @ 08:37 am
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOTOKO~ :D when is your new album out~

Budokan 2009 was so-so to me, no guest vocalists ftl orz tho I'd still buy the DVD.
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Other entries
» I've make 愛 happy
Nice timing for some new I've Sound news, I was just into an I've kick yesterday after getting bored with my current playlist.

We all know that nice 3-D dating-sim MMO ai-space (omg CLANNAD, D.C.II and Shuffle!) has the theme songs done by KOTOKO, and the title is now revealed; "U make 愛(ai) dream". Now, I can see the pun someone's trying to make there (not known who wrote the song yet) but it's just classic Engrish xD

Then we have the next KOTOKO/C.G mix/Team Baldrhead collab in the shape of the theme song for the next Baldr series game BALDRSKY, "Restoration". The game's slated to be out late next year, although from Giga's release record, don't hold your breath.

Last but not least MELL's next single "KILL" is out mid-November. Apparently it's the OP for a feature film. looks like I've is also gonna be doing songs for movies on a regular basis (Real Onigokko wasn't a one-off)...
» New I've Remix CD "master groove circle"
Out 24 Aug, looks like this will only feature the recent "public" I've songs from Re-sub onwards...

Remixers include familiar names such as SORMA and JOY BASU.
» Donations for GenCon Indy

I am running these events at GenCon Indy and I need some donations for prizes if anyone is willing to donate. It can be anything related to Japan and your name will be mentioned, all you have to do is send me an email: yukikeraseanou@ERASEhotmail.com and I will give the address to send the item to. Write on a small piece of paper your name/company (if you have one) and what event it is for and I will mention it at the event.

Thank you very much!

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» MELL update
You know you've been waiting for this. :D It appears MELL's first album has been announced! It is set to go on sale on July 9th. Album title and tracklist are unknown at this point, but since it's Geneon we'll be getting a CD+DVD limited edition. The DVD contains a pv to a new song, and new versions of the pvs for no vain and kicks!. Also included is a postcard with which to apply for tickets for a special event live (no further details on that though).

Source: I've Sound Explorer forum
» Tracklist for Eiko's new album "Hikari Nadeshiko"
1. Introduction
2. Hikari Nadeshiko
4. Kanransha
5. scheherazade
6. Naraku no Hana
7. Aoi Kajitsu
9. Asunaro no Ki
10. Juushi no Tsuki
11. Haru Michiru
12. Ai no Uta

Releases on April 2.
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